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PO problem after applying support packs

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We have recently applied the support packs SAPK-70113INSRMSRV , SAPK-70114INSRMSRV in the SRM 7.01 development and QA systems. After applying the packs  all our approved SC's  were getting into Saved status after the creation of the Purchase Order.

We applied the note 2274834 which was recommended by SAP. The PO now works fine for Approved Vendor List, however the SC's created for internal, external and describe requirement are held in the Saved status. We have to manually approve this through the buyer approval process.

The example for BBP_PD for SC and PO is as below.

We are using workflow WS14000145 for N step approval and have used this for many years successfully in production. It also worked in development and QA before applying the support packs.

Please advise.

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Raise a call with SAP. Just got the fix apply notes 2202192 2195055 2075158 2274834 1763688. Seems to be working now