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PO confirmation in SUS not happening

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Hi All,

We are working on MM-SUS configuration for classic scenario.

After PO creation in R3 system , when a vendor logs in to SUS to respond to this PO , he is able to create a PO response but this PO response is only created in the web url of vendor. It is visible in the sxmb_moni of SUS system but not in that of XI system.

What should we do so that this PO response from SUS eventually reaches the R3 system?

There is an XML message(PO confirmation) to be seen in SUS in sxmb_moni but how do we transfer this XML message out of SUS into R3?. The XI scenario is perfectly configured to send the PO response.

Do let us know if we are missing some settings.



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Hello Nikhil,

You mentioned XI is configured correctly. I believe you should have an outgoing Idoc in XI and an incoming one in R/3.

Can you confirm that you do have in both systems an Idoc of type ORDCHG (PO change).

Also, please check WE20 to have incoming IDocs in R/3.

Good luck,


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ORDRSP is the IDOC you need for PO Response in ECC. From your description it appears that the SUS has sent the message correctly to XI. I would check first on XI box SXMB_MONI to see if it processed correctly and an IDOC has been sent to ECC. Also, check in ECC if the ORDRSP IDOC came in and failed.


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@ All of the above,

Thanks guys for ur response.

I discovered where I was going wrong. We had not configured the settings for PO response EVENT in SPRO.