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PO approve method - deletion of line items

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Hi all,

i have requirement where when user deletes line item in a srm po, i  need to send alert , need to trigger a URL with approver details and PO num.

could you please share any method  which is triggered on click of order after deletion of line items.

Thanks in advance.

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HI Venu

What does it mean by an alert ?

You can try to code in BBP_DOC_SAVE_BADI and see if any items is deleted then send an email to the approver which can contain the link

Alerts and notification from SAP std only works when the approval is triggered .. also you can restart the approval workflow which would automatically send it back to approver .



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Hi vinita,

yes, i need method which is triggered when approval process started for a user.

basically i need method which is called when work item added for user (for ex cart created and waiting for his/her approval  ) and work item deleted(rejected cart or cart deleted or forwarded the cart) for that user.

i cant  go with bbp_doc_save_badi as this badi will trigger multiple times..