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plan driven procurement

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hai everybody.

i am configuring plan driven procurement. what are the SRM settings required to replicate external requirements from R3.i am confusing about the purchasing organisation and purchasing group in the SRM.can i create a new purchasing org and purchasing group in the srm for external requirements or i can i use existing srm org structure.thanks in advance.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Please ensure that following Settings are maintained in both SRM and R/3 systems.

These are Plan Driven Procurement - Prerequisites

SRM system settings

-> perform all steps for direct material

-> set up entry channel for external requirements

-> assing an RFC user for this entry channel

-> assign your local purchasing group as responsible for this channel

-> set up sourcing configuration

R/3 Backend settings

-> maintain tables V_T160EX and V_T160PR

-> make sure to have a RFC connection to the EBP system, with the same RFC user as in the entry channel (with SAP_ALL and SAP_NEW Profiles)

-> schedule report BBP_EXTREQ_TRANSFER to transfer the requisitions to EBP

After customizing the direct material, there are additional steps necessary:

-> Using an entry channel, the requisitions are transferred into EBP. This channel must have at least one

entry user.

-> Corresponding to this entry user, you have to set up a RFC connection from back end to EBP by using

this special RFC user.

-> To get the requisitions in the work list for purchase orders, or in sourcing, there is a local purchasing

group required with the responsibility for the entry channel and the product category of the back-end


-> View V_T160EX in the R/3 back end determines which material groups and purchasing groups are

grouped into a profile. View V_T160PR determines which profile targets to which RFC connection.



Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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You can you existing purchase organization and pur. group but it should be local.

create the entry channel ( organization unit ) and assign RFC user.

please refer kathir's article For PDP scenario.

Hope your problem will solve