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Payment Terms transfer to PO

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Hi All,

I have created a CUF field for payment terms in INCL_EEW* structures.

I have to map this field to PO Payment Terms field, but Doc change BADI doesn't seems to have this field.

Pls suggest if any badi exists in which i can do the same.



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Answers (2)

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Hi Kyamuddin,

I guess you are trying to determine payment terms at SC level, and transfer them to the local SRM PO.

In standard, payment terms can be maintained at PO header level (BBP_PDHGP-PMNTTRMS), and defaulted from vendor master data.

You have 2 options:

- do not handle payment terms in SC, but at PO level (here the DOC_CHANGE_BADI provides you with this header field), using the same logic (you can even retrieve SC data for this, if not present in the PO)

- handle it in SC CUF (for example to allow manual entry). In that case, use also DOC_CHANGE_BADI to get this item data (yo have to define the same CUF for PO item) to pass it to PO header level, in standard field PMNTTRMS.



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Hi Kyamuddin,

There are some OSS note dealing with missing parameters like 897840, 810793...

Please check them.

Kind regards,