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Ordering party could not be determined while creating a Local contract

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HI Friends

SRM 7.0 Extended Classic scenario.

Warning message:Ordering party could not be determined

Could anyone share how can we eliminate this warning while creating a Local contract.

Also a prompt sayign Org Unit doesnt Exist keeps popping couple of timeswhile creating the contract.Not sure if both the error and warning are related.

Who would be the ordering part for a contract ,i suppose its The Company ,if that is the case all seems fine in the Org structure.

Thanks and Regards


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Note 784750 - Contract not assigned to the ordering party in EBP3.0

In your BBP_PD - what is the ordering party .

Update here.


38 sold to party

26 responsible person

19 vendor


In your local contract what are the Partner functions are there?

what version and SP


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HI Muthu

We are migrating from Classic scenario to ECS.

we are also parallely upgraded our sytem from SRM 5.0 to SRM 7.0.

So we have used teh BBP_CONTRACT_INITIAL_UPLOAD Program to get some contracts from ECC to SRM.

The ones which were migrated using the above report are having


Sold to pary 38

Purchase org Resposbile. 51

Responsible emplyee-26

the ones which we are creating manually are just having,

Vendor 19

Responsible employee 26

The ordering party could not be found is just a warning and it does not stop us from creating a contract.

Now ,our actual problem is that after creating the contracts then marking the Contracts for Catalog distribution .We are running the Tcode SRMMDM_Contract_Transfer.

But we are not able to seen any XML messges in SXMB_MONI in nither SRM or PI.

Catalog as a backend system is maintained.

SLD settings are done

PI activation in SRM is done.

I am aware i have taken my question totaly to a new direction.But we suspect our initial problem


1 .Ordering party could not be determined.

2.Pop ups of ORg unit does not exist .

could be the root. cause.

also ,few more query

3 where do we monitor the contracts that are initated to be transferred through SRMMDM_CONTRACT_TRANSFER.

Thanks for the anticipated replies.


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BBP_CONTRACT_INITIAL_UPLOAD - after executed a report for one contract from

however you can check SLG1

ANY ERROR did you receive when you transfer ther ECC contract to SRM contract.

i understand you have lot of challenges are ahead to verify the transfer contract to SRm from ECC

for ex..

Note 1325505 - Initial Upload issue in decimal places of condition transfer


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lv_user_id = sy-uname.



i_user_id = lv_user_id


e_partners = ls_partner_get


no_company_found = 1

attribute_company_not_found = 2

no_partner_function_found = 3

no_business_partner_found = 4


IF sy-subrc <> 0.

MESSAGE s102(bbp_ctr).


bbp_ctr 102 error se91

Ordering party could not be determined

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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W e have used the Doc change badi to read the Company code from the User attributes and placed it while creating the contract.



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HI Friends

Its been figured out that ,Ordering party is the company code but the issue remaina

Hi Friends

Updating it after some analysis. The issue is with Ordering Party not being determined.

Firstly becuase of our company codes are mainatained not in the hierarchy but in as User attributes.

Adding to this we dont have any Business Partner numbers associated to company code.So even if we use BBP_DOC_CHECK to place the Ordering party Partner details. ,we canonly end up reading the company code of the user thorugh Function module but we would be unsucessful since we don thave associated BP number.

This also makes us to fail while transferring the Contracts from Backend to SRM,since it says no Org unit exists.

Questions) Can we make any modifications

1) On any other attribute (like purchaisng org)to get inculuded as

Ordering party.


2) can we key in the BP number of the root org. unit. We just have two

company codes and we are OK if the Ordering party is differentiated at

the root org level.

We have no issues If the Ordering party is same for both the company


3) Alternatively ,can we do anything to the Org structre locally in

SRM ,so that a company code can be associated with a new BP number.Pls

note we have an HR integration scenario.

Also ,how do we handle this issue while transfer of contracts from

backend through SRM_CONTRACT_INITIAL_UPLOAD ,because the contracts

would error out as they would not have a org id to associate.

Thanks and Regards