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Offline Approvals via Lotus Notes

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We are currently implementing SRM 7.0.

We have configured off line approvals and the email content is sent correctly to Lotus Notes.

When the user clicks "Approve" in Lotus Notes, the approval email is not automatically sent to SRM. The user is presented with a second screen that requires them to press the "Send" button in Lotus Notes.

We have a few questions:

Is this the standard function? If yes, can this behavior be changed?

If this behaior cannot be changed, can we edit/add text to the blank Lotus Notes email?


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Hi Samson,

When the approver clicks on one of the approval links (Approve or Reject), the e-mail program generates a reply e-mail. This is why they need to click Send. This is standard behaviour. Please refer to the SAP online documentation:

[Offline Approval|]

Can you change this standard behaviour? I believe you can. One-click decision function is offered by SAP Consulting (most likely, for an additional fee). Refer to SAP Note 1166763:


You can edit the text of both incoming and reply e-mails. For this, you need to implement BAdI BBP_OFFLINE_APP_BADI.



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Thanks to both of you for very detailed and timely answers

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Hi Samson,

We are also experiencing the same issue in our SRM7.0. Can you please suggest us what needs to be done for this.

Do we need to implement a BADI: BBP_OFFLINE_APP_BADI. Waiting for your Reply.

Thanks in Advance.