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Offline approval processing fail - mail sent to internal recipient

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Dear SAP gurus,

We are in SRM 7.01 with backend ECC 6.05 deploying classic scenario. We are using offline approval and has maintained exit /SAPSRM/CL_OFFLINEAPP_INBOUND in SO50 (as per direction in We are using program /SAPSRM/OFFLINEAPPROVALSEND to send email to the approvers. And they suppose to click accept/reject link and send reply back.

The emails managed to go to SOIN in our SRM, and then we see in the workflow trace it is being processed by the exit. However there are some that it seems failed to be processed by the exit, thus forwarded to internal recipient (which is the user id using the same email address maintained in SO50). We figure that this meant that the email is now in the user id's inbox. The problem is that the inbox belong to user id WF-BATCH which is user type "System", where we cannot logon to it.

So what do we need to do if we have cases like this? Do we need to run /SAPSRM/OFFLINEAPPROVALGET ? I have doubt as it is pointed out in that:

  • Note: From SRM 7.0 on,  if you use Synchronous processing you should not use at the same time the Asynchronous processing (schedule a background job) because this can cause inconsistencies.

Please enlight me on this issue.

Best regards,


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Hi John,

We are using asynchronous processing for processing offline approval in classic scenario.  Have you checked SOST and looked at the email addressed the SC was sent to.  Then look you can look in SOIN to see the email address that came back to SRM and make sure that they both match.  If they do not match then SRM will not process the emails and they will just sit there in the users inbox.

Also something we had to do here was we set up email id's ex. with role z_global_rfc with user group system and profile sap_all, sap_new s_trans_rfc t-sd080011

We also had to work with HP who host our SAP systems and our internal mail apps team to setup the name spaces for the emails.

We could not use WF-BATCH for SRM because we use CUA here to maintain userid through all of our SAP systems and it would have affected our ECC system.  So we created a new userid SRPEMAIL with all of the same information as WF-BATCH and then we could assign the roles zs_srm_employee, zs_srm_op_purchaser, zs_srm_st_purchaser along the appropriate profiles.