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Not visible URL of internal its in e-mail links

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Hello All,

Did any of you have already this problem?:

- SRM 5.50

- Shopping cart workflows

- E-mail Notifications


is filled in the workflow container of the notification task (https://... ) and is correct.

Nevertheless, the content does not appear in the task description text (i.e. in the e-mail notification sent) when entering the attribute as variable.

It happens at all my notification e-mails.

Any idea why?

Thank you!


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Try setting the attribute 'Current ITS of the user' ITS_DEST.

Our value is set to "http://saptest:8080/sap/bc/gui/sap/its/"

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Hello Rob,

The attribute was set (this is where the shoppig cart attribute gets it from) and nevertheless it is not working.

thank you for your answer anyway!