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Need to query workflow for Shopping Carts for a report

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I am not familar enough with SAP's workflow to know if there are tables or function modules that I can use. I am requested to develop a report to allow selection of a user's id and find all shopping carts where that person is in the workflow. Can this be done without re-inventing the world?

Thank you in advance and points will be assigned accordingly.

Regards, Dean.

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<u>Which SRM version are you using ? What's the detailed business requirement ?</u>

Please refer to existing transactions on SRM workflow

like starting with SWW*



Also check the standard tables used in these transactions like , SWWIHEAD (for all workflow inbox items of any user)...

Do let me know.


- Atul

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We are on SRM 5.0/Server 5.5. The request is be able to reports on shopping carts that have a particular person in the workflow. Now that could mean that the person approved or rejected the shopping cart.

That's what I am looking for.... those particular tables. Using FM memtioned above means I would have to scan each shopping cart. Not efficient in this instance.

Found the FM.....


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Dean Hinson

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Please check there should be one functio module by name

1.BBP_PD_SC_GETLIST , this should give list of all the shopping carts created by certain employee ( you have to check the exact name of the function module )

2) then you have to scan each of the shopping cart , by getting the workflow details and see wether thee concerned person is involved as apporver

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you can check wether you can find any relevant function module already existing in workflow the transaction SE37 , enter bbpwfl and search , system will return all the function modules relevant for workflow.

2)there is one function module 'bbp_wfl_approvers_get' which returns the approvers for the shopping cart.

3)all the tables storing the workflow information start with SW , you can search in the transaction se11 using the search term SW*