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need to define org planfor new company codes

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Could you please give me a step by step guide to define org plan (PPOMA_BBP) for new company codes



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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Can you be a more specific ? How do you want to configure the SRM system.

Ideally, you should ensure that root organization, i.e the client is created at the top. Then the operating companies under the same.

Suppose A is the operating company and A1,A2,...An are its departments.

Then the Structure would be EBP CLIENT

A - Define the common attributes in the top org level

A1 - Department specific attributes can also be defined at respective level





All the attributes that needs to be used in the org structure needs to be define in the maintainance table T770MATTR.

The Purchasing organization and the responsible purchasing groups should be defined under the EBP client.

Under the Function Tab of the Purchasing organization check on the Purc. Organization option and define the relevant Purchasing organization & the backend system for the organization (A ) which is maintained in the backend system.

You need to define the Purchasing group under the Purchasing organization.

Here in the function tab check on the Purchasing Group option and maintain the purchasing group and the relevant backend system.

In the resposibility tab you can specify the product category which this purchasing group would be responsible for -- generally the entry is * .

Also, you can define if the Purchasing group PG is responsible for purchases done for a particular department like A1, A2.. by specifying the organizational id no in the Organizational Responsibility option under Responsibilty tab.

The link below gives you the list of commony maintained attributes in SRM.

I hope this answers your query.

Kindly reward suitable points if it was found helpful.



Answers (4)

Answers (4)

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Guys thanks,

I am happy creating additional users but how do I create a new company, in ppoma_bbp? I understant that I will create a new company and then change the old one to be the root, but how do i add a new company as users_gen is for adding users or is the company just anothe user?



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The transaction to use is PPOMA_BBP.

To me it sounds like at ROOT level you have One company code.

One crude way to do it is as follows..

1) Create a Organization Unit under your current company code. This will become your new company code 1..

2) Drag and drop your departments into this new org unit. At this point you have company 1-> New company 1->Departments

3) Overwrite inherited attributes that are specific to company 1 in "New company 1".

4) Rename the root level item to "Root" and remove attributes specific to "Company 1". Make sure the "new company 1" has all the attributes that are needed for company 1.

5) Rename "New company 1" to "Company 1".

6) For all the new company codes, you can add them under ROOT.


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Let me try and make my requirement a little clearer. what I am after is an dummy's guide to setting up an org plan in srm.

We currently have a a structure with One company code and one purchasing group and many plants. the plan cascades down from the company code into departments and managers and users. we will now be introducing up to 5 additional company codes and many more plants,

I need to create a structure to include these additional co codes

Please give me a step by step guide to do this, sorry Atul but a link to someone else issue dosent help because I dont understnd the relevance of their question,


what is a FM

How do I display the structure as a graphic (t-code and tab)

Thanks your help is appreciated


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Please try this ->

*SRM Organizational Reports

  • ------------------------------------------*

SAP Standard Reports ->

Transaction - RE_RHXSTR00 http://Organizational unit -> Organizational structure -> Only org. units

Transaction - RE_RHXSTR02 Organizational unit -> Organizational structure -> With persons


SRM Standard Report name -

RHXSTR00 Organizational Structure

RHXSTR01 Organizational Structure with Positions

RHXSTR02 Organizational Structure with Persons

RHXSTR03 Organizational Structure with Work Centers

RHXSTR04 Report Structure with Persons

RHXSTR05 Report Structure Without Persons

RHXSTR06 Work Centers per Organizational Unit

RHXSTR07 Activity Profile for Positions Along Organizational Structure

RHXSTR08 Activity Profile of Positions with Persons Along Org. Structure


Incase it does not suits your requirements, then you need to go for Custom report (Bespoke development - by referring to any of the standard

SRM reports logic)

Please refer these links.

Hope it will definitely help. Do let me know incase you need any help.


- Atul

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