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Need to apply latest CLID template versions to legacy loaded contracts

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Hi Team,

We have uploaded 1500 legacy contracts using Legacy Contract Template in production system

Now we want to add, update, remove few terms and mark some terms as mandatory in CLID template & Legacy Contract Template.

1. After adding/updating these terms, These updated term/fields should be available while amending for 1500 legacy loaded contracts. Please help us on below points,

· Where should we update these terms in CLID template, Contract Workspace Template Vulcan Legacy or in both?

· Please provide procedure/documents to apply these updated CLID template version to 1500 legacy uploaded contracts.

· The requirement – These added, updated ,removed and mark required fields/terms should be available while amending these 1500 legacy contracts.

Please help.

Amit Nagwekar

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Hi Amit,

I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to provide some details on the use of the CLID document and the External System Template.

Please note the following key points:

1. Any updates made to the CLID document in the existing Template or the External System Template will be available for use exclusively in new workspaces.
2. The design structure stipulates that modifications to CLID template terms, whether they're for external systems or for CLIDs within workspace templates, will only apply to newly created workspaces.

I understand that you are looking for solutions to your business requirements. To ensure you receive the most accurate and efficient assistance:

I recommend reaching out to our consulting team. They have extensive experience and expertise in this area.
How do I contact Consulting or the Best Practice Center?