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Need Help in Digital Signature

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We want to implement digital signature functionality for

1.Bid invitation creation/Bid creation process

2.File signing for documents uploaded in C-folder.

It would be better if you could share documents about how to implement digital signatures.

Please note my yahoo ID :

Thanks & regards,


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Hi ,

If you wish to use your own texts/mono/signatures when outputting a purchase order, proceed as follows:

1. In the step Adjust Form (Layout Set) for Purchasing Documents, check to see at which points you can store your own texts in the standard form MEDRUCK.

2. Enter the texts in accordance with your requirements using the SAPScript editor. To do so, choose SAPscript Standard Texts.

Assign unique names to your texts (e.g. names containing the key for the purchasing organization).

3. Choose the desired text type (e.g. texts for document item) under Document Printout: Purchase Order.

4. Create a new entry and enter the following data for it:

Print operation (e.g. new printout or printout of changes (change notice))

Purchasing document type and item category

Text object, text ID and the text name

Print sequence in which the text is to be outputted

In the standard system, the purchasing form is called "MEDRUCK". MEDRUCK is a multi-purpose form controlling the output of RFQs, POs, outline agreements, delivery schedules, reminders/urging letters, rejection letters, change notices, and order acknowledgment expediters.

Changing the Purchasing Form


Before you make any changes to the standard form, you should consider the following.

Change Existing Form or Create New One?

You can either change the standard form or create a new form by copying the standard one.

When you change the standard purchasing form, you must first create a correction number, because changing the standard form represents a customer modification. Thereafter, the system maintains both your changed version and the SAP version of the form.

If you create a new form, you must assign it to the appropriate message type (PO, rejection letter, etc.) before the system can use it for printing.

Its recommend that you always create your own form. This makes it easier to distinguish between your customized form and the standard form provided by SAP.

Hope ths helps

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Hi Suneel,

What i am looking for is the document on how to integrate digital signature functionality with bid invitation creation and bid creation process.

Also, integration of digital signature software for signing the documents (word, excel, pdf etc.) while uploading it in C-folder.

If you know anything on this, please let us know.

The info given by you is pretty detailed but will not help us unfortunately.

Thannks & regards,