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MM-SUS PO Replication Issue!

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Hello Friends,

I have configured SRM 7.0 Ehp1 with ECC 6.0 Ehp5 and PI 7.1. We have Standalone SUS scenario. End to End Config is done. Vendor is replicated from ECC with the Classification Information via PI to SUS. Now we are in the process of replicating the POs to SUS for these vendors.

Here I get an error and stuck since a couple of days.

With Ehp5, PO is sent to SUS via Enterprise Services not Idocs. I have done the configs for BUS2012 and maintained Created and Changed event linkages. The function modules are maintained along with the event linkages.

The respective BADI for the same is implemented.

All the Swtiches are active and in Yellow Status. Worflow gets trigerred after PO Save.

Job finishes successfully in SM37.

But then there's in error in the workflow.

The error is in the execute method of class cl_wf_se_pur_out.

I have implemented the BADI "PUR_SE_PO_INTERFACE_OUT_SELECT".

Still I am not able to generate the XML in SXMB_MONI in ECC.

Any pointers regarding this issue will be of great help.


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Please activate the implementation of BADI "PURORD_RAISE_EVENT_SE" and check.

With Regards,


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Thanks Malay.

This BADI already has an active implementation. The implementation is switched when we activate LOG_ESOA_OPS_2.

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I get the following trace log in SWEL after creating thew PO.

I think this will give you some better idea.

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Hello !

        Is the problem is that you get "Feedback after error" in SWEL ? If so, check the transaction SWEC whether any change document EINKBELEG is configured against the business object FREBUS2012 with the event CREATED.

         If so, delete it. You won't get feedback after error.

         If the problem is that the workflow WS53800008 have run into error, please share its graphical workflow log and binding screen.



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Thanks Suresh. But I am able to see the XML in SXMB_MONI now. There was an issue in the binding in this standard template. I had configured the scenario Plan_Driven_Procurement_SupplierEnablement in PI for this. Supplier already transferred to SUS with this. PO XML gets stucked in ECC with


401 (Unauthorized).

Also it is picking the interface as shown below;



I saw some postings where people have suggested to use SE_Sourcing_Enhancements. But this scenario is not meant Plan Driven Procurement with Supplier Collaboration.

Any Pointers towards this issue will be really helpful.


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Hi srm7expert,

This is quite common PI-ECC HTTP error. I would check the roles/authorizations of the user what is used to connect PI into other SAP systems like ECC. User for this connection in SM59 should have at least role SAP_XI_APPL_SERV_USER (additional application-specific authorizations also required).

Also another issue might be that check the passwords so that those are the same for that user in PI and ECC. I'm not sure if this is the case or if this was related to note 1023437 but it helped me when I had a similar HTTP 401 problem.

Another thread what might help you is

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I am still not able to Post the XML in SUS. However it has reached SUS but fails due to interface error. See below;
<SAP:P4 />
<SAP:AdditionalText />
<SAP:ApplicationFaultMessage namespace="" />
<SAP:Stack>Information about the method parameters is missing for the interface
II_BBPX1_SUSPO_IN (ABAP interface, request message
PurchaseOrderCreatedInformation, request message namespace
Most of the SDN Posts on this topic talk about ES PurchaseOrderERPRequest_Out_V1(Namespace: as the output from and ECC for PO Create and probably the inbound interface in SUS PurchaseOrderERPRequest_In_V1(
Please confirm this.
And if this understanding is right I don't see a single interface mapping or receiver agreement etc. delivered by SAP in Integration scenarios P_D_P_Supplierenablement or SE_Service_Procurement.
I am yet to find a document/note from SAP which talks end-to-end on this issue.
I think guys who have configured this must be well aware of it.
Although I might be able to Post my XML in SUS with a mapping between PurchaseOrderRequest_Out(ECC) -> PurchaseOrderRequest_In (SUS).....
But that won't be standard....! Right!
I also have another thought why exactly ECC is sending PurchaseOrderRequest_Out and not PurchaseOrderERPRequest_Out_V1.
The BADI is activated(read above in my posts)....Switches are activated.....I am not specifying anywhere which interface to be sent...I assume these must be getting decided by the Switches and BADI in conjuction with some logic.....
Anyways, some of you might have already understood where I might have gone wrong....
Help me Out!
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I got it right! Thanks for the support.

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Hi srm7expert

i really have the same problem.

when po output from ECC  via xml(PurchaseOrderERPRequest_In_V1) ,

using Plan_Driven_Procurement_SupplierEnablement  scenario would not send xml to SUS.

How do you get it , thanks.

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Hi all,

Can you share what was the problem with the generation of PurchaseOrderCreatedInformation_Out instead of PurchaseOrderERPRequest_Out_V1?

I'm having this same issues when creating PO's with service hierarchies. But it is working fine when creating material PO's.

Thanks for your help.