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message need to dispaly onSRM Login page

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I am new to SAP SRM 5.0, I need to dispaly text message on SRM Login page(Home Page before login).

Please any one can help me.


this is the code i had copied from Internet Service->BBPSTART->Topic99->Html Templet->Login

"`include (~service="bbpglobal", ~name="login.html")`"

Where i can found login.html file



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Edited by: Abin_Chandra on May 27, 2010 1:34 PM

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Hi Abinash,

check note 808288 that indicate how to set system message in logon web page.

As note 302696 indicate, SM02 messages are displayed only one time for

the user. If you want that system message will appears each time user

logon, please check note 604495.

Notice that messages will only appears in a fresh logon and not if user is logged.


José Cortés

AGS Primary Support, Business Suite & Technology - Logistics

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Hi José Cortés,

Thanks for your responce. I have different requirement. I expalin as below

Once the portal home page come up. Home page contains

1) Company logo (Left hand side)

2) Login form contain input field (right hand side)



3)At the bottom of Login form on same page contents are

a)Request User ID (For New Bidders)


c)Ready Reckoner for Bidders

d)Legal Disclaimer / T&C / Privacy Policy

e)Change Password

f)Forgot your password or user ID? Help

All bold contents are in hyperlink

Now my requirement is

I need to add text message just above of a)Request User ID (For New Bidders)

Please Help me on this.