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Make fields invisible in SAPLBBP_MON_SC 1200

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Dear SRM-gurus,

for making fields unvisible in Shopping Cart Detail you can go to SE51 --> SAPLBBP_SC_UI_ITS --> e.g. 100 and set fields whether "Invisible" or in Screen Painter double-click on the specific field and enter "MOR" in the 4th group field.

This works perfectly for SAPLBBP_SC_UI_ITS.

Now we'd like make the same restriction of fields in "Monitor Shopping Cart" transaction.

--> SE51 --> SAPLBBP_MON_SC --> 1200

Here when I click on Layout and set the field as "Invisible" this works alright for the description of the fields (e.g. Description) BUT for all the fields where values can be entered there is no way to make them invisible in transaction BBP_MON_SC. No matter if I set Invisible and/or the value MOR in 4th group field.

Do you have any idea how I can also make the dropdown and value fields invisible (not available)?

Thanks a lot for your help.Points will be given!

Best regards,


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Hi Henning,

The trick cannot work in SAPLBBP_MON_SC_1200, because in the application there is no handling for the modification group. That is the difference with SAPLBBP_SC_UI_ITS / 0100. We used the trick there to avoid modifications in HTML because HTML has no modification-assistent and ABAP does.

In your case I would suggest to modify the HTML-template (service BBP_MON_SC, template SAPLBBP_MON_SC 1200 ) to hide the unwanted fields simply by deleting or commenting the unwanted tablerows.