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Main program in SRM for shopping cart interaction

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What is the main program that interacts with the shopping cart in SRM?


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Hi Chris,

here are the general function modules:

- BBP_PD_SC_CHECK -> Makes all checks for the document

- BBP_PD_SC_CREATE -> Creates the document (to be called before the first UPDATE)

- BBP_PD_SC_DB_DELETE -> Deletes the document from the database

- BBP_PD_SC_GETDETAIL -> Reads the document and it's sets

- BBP_PD_SC_ITEM_GETDETAIL -> Reads an item and it's sets

- BBP_PD_SC_GETLIST -> Gives back a list of documents

- BBP_PD_SC_LOCK -> Locks the document

- BBP_PD_SC_RESET_BUFFER -> Resets all buffers (to be called between SAVE and CREATE/UPDATE of two different documents

- BBP_PD_SC_SAVE -> Saves the document to the database (in UPDATE TASK) After the call of the Save-FM it is nessecarry to call a COMMIT to get the data to the database.

- BBP_PD_SC_SET_BE_REF -> Fills only the Backend-reference fields of the document (not all documents)

- BBP_PD_SC_STATUS_CHANGE -> Changes the status of the document

- BBP_PD_SC_UNLOCK -> Unlocks the document

- BBP_PD_SC_UPDATE -> Makes an update of the document (should be called after user action to check the data and save it in internal tables)

and the general function groups:




Kind regards,


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The SC program name is SAPLBBP_SC_UI_ITS

Hope you can cross verify via se93 tcode vs programs ..

BBPSC01 Shopping Cart - Full Functionality

BBPSC02 Shopping Cart - Wizard

BBPSC03 Shopping Cart - Limited Functions

BBPSC04 Shopping Cart Status

BBPSC05 Public Template (Create)

BBPSC06 Public Template (Change)

These above are t codes for sc

Hope You can find the programs corresponding that.



Edited by: Muthuraman Govindasamy on Sep 10, 2008 6:48 AM

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I need to delete SCs from database (from all tables completelly). I tried BBP_PD_SC_DB_DELETE BBP_PD_SC_DB_DELETE_MULTI, they should delete SCs based on Header GUID but it doesn't work. Must the SCs have a corresponding status before deletion? What kind of? Are there any othe functions for SC deletion?