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I have been searching through the SAP questions already asked, but unfortunately I cannot get a working answer to my query:

how do I now post for my material = adhesive 3MAH335 - as an old PID is stuck in the system?

This is my usual process which I believe explains my issue better:

In MI01 – Material = 3MAH335 & batch 0000142962 – I need this batch to be zero'd/ removed but cant - which means i cannot now post for the new count

Then I need the system to allow me to post the new stock:

My usual process is:

MI01 Set up the transaction to be counted

MI04 enter count

MI07 reason for count

MI24 to show not yet counted

I cannot do any of these process’s because of the locked PID in period 10?

Also that the system believes 3MAH335 Material is active when it is not?

Thank you All for bearing with me and how I am communicating as I am new to SAP!

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