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Limit Order Confirmation Reversal - Balancing Issues

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We currently use SRM 5.5 and have an issue with the balances on our goods receipts and service entries for limit orders.

We use ML81N to reverse off our service entry sheets but it is still leaving balances on the goods receipt which appears to be caused by the invoice values.

For example we have a limit PO that has had the following happen:

Confirmation posted in SRM for £3390.00 which transferred successfully to the backend PO.

Invoice posted for £3371.70

Service entry revoked and deleted using ML81Nu2013 SEN balance is zero

Goods receipt balance is £18.30, only the value of £3371.70 has been reversed but before saving the service entry reversal the value in ML81N did show as £3390.00. So for some reason it is picking up the invoice value and reversing that instead of the goods receipt value.

Does anyone know why this is happening and a way to get rid of the balance on the goods receipt now that the service entry sheet is deleted?



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Hi. This is probably more of a LIV / MM issue than SRM, but transaction MR11 will clear the GR/IR imbalance for you if there is no other way. It effectively posts a document like a dummy GR or invoice for the balance. It obviously won't try and pay anything to anyone.