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Incoterm in MA

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Hi Experts,

In the master agreement, there is always an option to add more than one incoterm in the document setup. But the system does not allow to award more than one incoterm there. Also, if I wish to use 2 incoterms with any supplier, and do not award any incoterm in the document setup, then am unable to enter the unit price of the line items.

Can someone please help me to understand the correct usage of these incoterms in the master agreement?

Thanks in advance!

Vaishali Soni

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Vaishali,

in the document setup, you define the list of incoterms that can be used in the document. The function of awarding an incoterm in the document setup allows you to set a default incoterm for new line items. On line item level, you can take over the default awarded incoterm or select any other incoterm as awarded. If you wish to use two different incoterms for a supplier, you need at least two line items and set different incoterms as awarded on these.

Hope this helps.


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Hai Vaishali,

Even though system allows you to add more Incoterms,but when you 'save' master agreement,the system shows error message like this.

"Only 1 Incoterm can be awarded for a line item".

You cannot have more than one incoterm for a line item.

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