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HRT1222 organization structure attributes duplication

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Dear All,

We have a major issue in SRM system in HRT1222 table.The entries in the table exceed 7 million entries which is affecting the organization structure performance.When checked we found there are duplicates in the system for each attribute.

For example: the same product category is duplicated 1000 times in the table.hence would like to know what is the major reason for having these duplicates.I got few hints but needed expert inputs on this.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Swathi,

The reason for the duplicate entries might be because of the
inhertance . The system reads the attributes for the entire hierarchy.
For example if there is an attibute PRCAT , it is read for the entire hierarchy under which the user falls and this happens for all the attributes.

We cannot avoid this reading of attributes .
The only way is to "delete the duplicate entries" which is suggested before or maintaining "Minimum inhertance level" .

Best regards,


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Thanks Ivy for giving the hint on this issue.

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