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HR replication

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Dear colleagues,

After some time with different HR organisations in our HR system and our EBP/SRM system, we now will take use of the standard functionality for replication of HR data (se oss note 550055).

Shopping carts and workflows in EBP/SRM have been created/started based on the "old" organisation.

Also we want to replace the HR organisation for one step and two step approval of shoppingcarts (the workflows are momentarily based on the "old" HR organisation).

Before starting the replication, I would like to hear if you got any experience on this matter.


1. what happens if we distribute now? Do we have to keep both organisations in the system?

2. Are any issues/items to be closed before we distribute?

3. Will we in future have extra work/problems with history (e.g. of shopping carts)

I appreciate your help - thanks

Best regards,


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Hi Lauge,

Be careful with this.

First check your number ranges. Be sure that the nodes numbers are not shared between your SRM org., and the HR org in R/3 system.

Be aware that a lot of SRM infotypes are not managed in R/3, so you'll have to maintain your SRM org. both in R/3 and SRM. In fact you'll only be abble to initialize the structure (hierarchy nodes).

For your questions:

1 - You can keep both org. (if number ranges are separated), but SRM users will only be affected to one of these orgs.

2 & 3 - Yes, you'll have issue for old document accesses, you'd better "close" the flows before, and you'll have to "re-assign" the documents to the correct Purchasing Org. to be abble to process them after.

I think you'd better think twice before doing this.