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How to retrieve Org.Units within Organization units

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Im working with version SRM 5.5.

For a report - Zeta - I need to find the users within an org.unit and also the user within the subordinate org.units.

From these user I need to show information of the their Shopping carts.

What FM helps me to find:

1. Users within an Org.Unit

2. Org.units within (hierarchically) the Organization unit.

Or is it the same FM.

thanks for any reply.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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User assigned to Org unit:-

You can use table BUT050


RELTYP as BUR010 and get the list.


PARTNER1 is BP of Department &

PARTNER2 is BP of User

You can get detials of both the BPs from table BUT000.

Org unit :-

Check FM-RH_STRUC_GET. Pass act_wegid parameter as O-O_DOWN. You should be able to get all the  org units.



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