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How to read the data,

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After getting the file data from the blob by using attachment.getFileData(session), how to read the data in that file. As the file is not in local system, I am not able to use any FileReader() methods.

As this data is not in local system, I am unable to use any methods. I am getting some vague output, I am attaching it. I want to place this file data as an attachment or as a file along with its name in a path.

After uploading the file and clicking on save, I want this uploaded file to be placed in a path with its name, which I am unable to do with this filedata which I retrieved above.Experts please help me here.

docVersionBean = doc.getDocVersions().get(0);
AttachmentIfc attachment = docVersionBean.getDoc();
File fileData = attachment.getFileData(session);

I am able to send same data as an attachment in a mail notification, but I am not able to place it in a specific path.

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