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How to configure SAP CCM to a non SAP system

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Hi all,

What should be my landscape if we have to go for an external catalog linked to a non SAP system?

Our requirement is like this :

The customer has nonsap system and they want to go only for catalog content management only for vendors like DELL who maintain products of their own

(external catalogs). i-e., they will create PO from the nonSAP system and will send it to vendor selecting the products from the DELL's website.

How should we go with this? Will SAP CCM support this with XI.

Kindly explain me the following :

What should be my landscape and config?

Can anyone explain please?



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Dear Sridhar,

Firstly - If you customer has a non SAP system and want to use SAP CCM this is not such a viable option as in any case the CCM requires a 640+ web application server to function, while it is an add on solution independant of SRM_SERVER, it is not independant of SAP WEBAS!

So, to use the SAP CCM the customer requires either a satellite location with a SAP WEBAS or their own to host this application. From here, the system would need to be configured and conform to the details in the OCI 4.0 documentation for either XML communication or OCI interface communication, so, I guess, at least from my perspective using a SAP CCM system in conjunction with an external ERP system is not the best option when it may be easier to integrate other catalog solutions into such a setup.



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Hi Sridhar,

why not directly use the vendor's shopping system, like the Dell page and integrate

the PO created from there into your system?

In general for catalog management, there are several options:

- own system, like CCM or the newer MDM

- punch out to vendor catalog for selecting products

- punch out to vendor system

When there is no need to manage catalog content in your company, do not go for

it and keep it at the supplier / vendor. Netherless integration of CCM via XI is also

possible for non SAP System.



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Cool. Thanks Claudia for your valuable suggestions.

I will putup more questions to you once we make things clear.



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