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How can I check sy-tcode in HTML pages of EBP?

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Is it possible to check the sy-tcode in HTML source?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Have you tried to place a breakpoint in the ITS template or BSP and tryied to look the value for sy-tcode?

In SE80 TC, you can set http breakpoints with IP-matching option enabled...

To know the template or bsp name, just do what Nishant said...



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Thanks you people!

What solved my problem was debug ITS step-by-step and print the sy-tcode, as Gerardo suggested.


Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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Every trsnaction in SRM wil have a corresponding ITS templaet associated with it.So in the WEB Screen whose TCODE ,you need to find out ,just say right click-->view Source.

There in the text file,you can find the ITS service (i.e. tcode) and the corresponding HTML template(i.e. Page/screen ).




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Hi Cristiana,

Just right click on the any screen transaction suppose process purcahse order in HTML page.

Click View source in context menu.It will open a notepad with some code..

In start of that code

SAP Integrated ITS, WebAS: RSV, workprocess: 0

All rights reserved.

Creation time: Fri Feb 09 10:23:55 2007

Charset: utf-8

<b>Template: <i>bbp_poc</i>/99/saplbbp_po_ui_its_1003.html --></b>

You will get BBP_POC ,This is the transaction

Same for Shopping cart you will get <b>bbpsc01</b>.


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Yes this is possible ...

But please tell me what is the exact requirement in detail.

Hope this will help.

Please reward suitable points.


- Atul

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I would like to know if it's possible when I am in screen in EBP site, I can "View the Source Code" , that is, HTML code, and know what transaction it is related to.

Thank you!