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History Update in EBP

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Hi All,

Wishing you and your dear ones a Happy and Prosperous year ahead.

The History tab in the Shopping cart which had been created indicates either 'Approved' or 'Error in Transmission' status and does not update the PR or PO details.

Is this a bug or is it a problem with any of the settings in EBP?

Could someone please provide pointers to this?

Thanks in Advance

Ajith Chandran

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Hi Ajith

Check in the transaction RZ20 (CCMS monitor) in EBP system or else in the transaction BBP_PD.

Problem might be due to mismatch between the EBP transaction types and R/3 document types for PR/PO.


Vangala Reddy

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Hi Vangala,

Thanks for your reply. The Specific shopping cart need not appear in any of the SC Monitors in RZ20. Also the BBP_PD displays the shopping cart status as in the front end (ie either "approved" or "error in transmission". But the follow on documents are created.

This error is not replicable. This does not happen for all Shopping carts. May be for 1-2 percent of all the shopping carts created.

Thanks in advance.

Ajith Chandran.

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Hi Ajith

Not sure, check whether account assignment for that 1-2 percent shopping carts is there and proper...?


Vangala Reddy

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Hello Ajith,

in some special cases, it can occur that the job CLEAN_REQREQ_UP can not assign correctly backend PO references.

SAP support provides 4 reports Z_SC_STATUS_CHECK_X for different error cases.

Those 4 analysis reports are in following notes:

757625 Incorrect Status I1112

755769 Status I1113, no item or header relations

729967 Shoppng cart:Status I1111,no follow-on docs

622113 Shopping cart: No follow-on docs

I also discovered a special case, in classic scenario, not resolved by those notes:

A SC with 10 items is ordered.

All 10 items are supposed to be in the same PO in R/3.

Items 7 & 8 are erroneous from R/3 point of view (ex a material ID without conversion factors) and the SC transfer fails.

All items have the reference to the "still not created" PO ID.

Via SC monitor transaction, we delete the 2 incorrect items and resubmit the SC.

The PO is correctly created with 8 items (all SC items except 7 & 8).

In SC check status, we only see 8 valide items.

During CLEAN_REQREQ_UP run, the system will get 8 PO items and match them with SC items with the same PO ID: I have still 10 SC items linked to this PO ID (BE_OBJECT_ID)), even if 2 are flagged for deletion.

So the system matches the 8 first SC items (including 2 deleted and invisible), and the 2 last ones are "error in transmission" even if the 2 items are in fact in the backend PO.

If anyone encountered this issue and solved it, please send the solution.