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Help - need to turn off SC links for "Services, Limit Items, etc.

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Our SRM 4.0 system is only using catalog and manually created items.

We are not using any other links that allow for additional functionality (i.e. product IDs, limit items, Services, etc).

How can we turn off the links to these items from the users generate SC overview (Add items etc)?

In addition we want to restrict the radio button for the Item Details to "Goods" only (not have the "Services" radio button available (this is displayed in the basic data view).

At the shopping cart creation level, those fields requiring restriction or omisson are:

The links for Internal Goods/Services

In addition, are these two sections:

Do you want to request external staff or other services? Use the following forms:



Do you want to create an item with a fixed maximum amount for a product or service? You can use the following form for this:

Create Limit Item

At the line item level, we want to exclude or restrict the Product Category to "Goods" only and remove the "Services" radio button in the Basic Data View.

Any information on how this can be performed (i.e. code/configuration), etc would be helpful as we are rolling this out to our entire US base in January and we really want to make these restrictions as soon as possible.

Thank you!

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Answers (3)

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Hi SRM gurus,

Just gone thorugh the above suggestions.

I want to hide/visible the following fields with out changing the HTML templetes for Shopping Cart:


Product type: Radio button against Services <hide>

Product ID: <hide>

Storage Location: <hide>

Vendor Product number: <visible>

Cost assignment: Cost Distribution button <hide>

Notes for Approval: to be renamed as 'Justification text' & should be a mandatory field

Unlimited flag: <hide>

Please let me know the possible solutions.

Many thanks.

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Hi Olliver,

As Jayasankar said, you can disable some functions (links) on the SC transaction using BADI BBP_SC_MODIFY.

Concerning the use of screen variants in SRM, it is very limited, and you will only be abble to modify the Overview screen (table control with all the Items of the SC). So to disable the 'goods/services' radiobutton, I think you''l have to modify the screen html template.

PS: for screen variants, only the following screens are supported

-Item data overview in an invoice without purchase order reference: BBP_IV_NON_PO

-Item data overview in the invoice with purchase order reference: BBP_IV

-Item data overview in the confirmation: BBP_CF

-Item data overview in the confirmation for time recording: BBP_CF_TIMEREC

-Item data overview in the purchase order: BBP_PO;

-Item data overview for contracts: BBP_CTR_ITEMLIST

-Item data overview for selection of contracts: BBP_CTR_ITEM_SELLIST

-Search results for entering an invoice and/or confirmation: BBP_SEARCH_PO

-Search results for entering a purchase order: BBP_SEARCH_SC

-Search results for displaying/processing an invoice: BBP_CHANGE_IV

-Search results for displaying/processing a confirmation: BBP_CHANGE_CF

-Search results for entering/displaying/processing/status of a shopping cart: BBP_SC;

-Worklist for Sourcing: BBP_SOCO_WL

-Work area in Sourcing: BBP_SOCO_GA



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I confirm:

there is no BADI to hide the Goods/services radiobutton.

You must modify template SAPLBBP_SC_UI_ITS 230 of service BBPSC01.

In the background, the SC item will keep "material" as default type.



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Hi Christophe,

We have used BADI BBP_SC_MODIFY_UI to hide the links like Describe Requirement, Add Limit Item, Request (Service) and Purchase Order (Service)in the Shop transaction.

In case of further modifications, you can create Custom Screen Variants and invoke thru Screen Variant BADI.

HTML template modifications will be last option if there is no other options.



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Thank you Jay,

But I am aware of this tools.

I didn't say "there is no BADI", I said "there is no BADI to hide product/service field".

So HTML modification is the only valuable option.

PS: you can also use this BADI to add (and not hide) the "default settings for items" links in Wizard transaction (which is hidden in standard delivery).



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Hi Jay,

I want to hide links:

- "Describe Requirements"

- "Internal Goods/Services"

In badi "BBP_SC_MODIFY_UI" should I put an "X" in the fields that I want to hide ?

If yes, which fields corresponds to these links ?

Thanks for your help Jay !



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I found them.. I made a silly mistake. Thank you anyway 😃

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Hi Bill,

There are so many ways to disable these links. 1.

You should be able to use BADI BBP_SC_MODIFY_UI to hide them which is simple.

2. SAP standard screen variants for the Shopping view is very limited. But, you can develop you own screen variants in tcode SHDO and use Screen Variant BADI BBP_SCREENVARIANT to trigger your customs. We had used this and is pretty good. No hassle of HTML changes / maintaining them every upgrade.

If these above does not meet any your reqs, then you will modify HTML templates of Web Service BBPSC01. You need to identify the correct HTML templates to turn off SC links for "Services, Limit Items, etc. Becareful with this, you need to maintain them after every upgrade. This is not considered as Core Mod. Hence, Many clients allows to do HTML templates.

Considering your SRM 4.0 system, you are better of, will be able to do with BADIs and Screen Variant avoiding changing HTML templates