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Get Evaluation Questions for the Selected RFx

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Dear All,

I am trying to prepare a report to show Questions and Answers for all RFx at once. This functionality is available in WD-ABAP from SRM BP (via portal) but we can see only one RFx at a time.

I have question regarding fetching of bidder ID for the given RFX.

1. Using the RFX Number (Technical Field Object ID - say 1000500880), and calling BAPI - BBP_PD_BID_GETLIST

I can get -



2. Using above PS_BDR_STS_GUID, I need to get ATTR SET_GUID from table /SAPPSSRM/MATR

But for selection from this table - I also need - BIDDER ID

How to get this Bidder ID for the RFx ID or GUID?

3. I am able to get Partner No for this RFx GUID from BAPI BBP_PD_BID_GETDETAIL but I am not able to get above BIDDER ID from the Partner NO - 0B1F26AD648FEB49BA8BA34B0E130B1F.

Anyone had tried to develop such report?

Please help me to get the bidder ID using the data (RFx id, GUID etc.) I can get using above BAPIs.

Thanking in anticipation,

K Swapnil

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Answer - Partner No field has a conversion routine.

Closing the question.