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German Text in CCM Catalog

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We are using CCM 2 and I have just noticed that some of the tool-tip text appears in German.

Could someone please let me know what the text should say as the translation doesn't make sense.

When opening the catalogue, there is a small shopping basket that appears next to the selection for "Categories Hierarchically" / Display categoriesd as Index".

When I hover over the basket the text reads "vorgemerkte kategorien und positionen"

Could someone let me know what it should say so I can look to correct it.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Keith

Follow the next steps in order to get English

translation for the buttons.

Log on to the CCM system and do the below :

Enter transaction SOTR_EDIT and search the corresponding Alias for your message (the OTR text elements are CASE SENSITIVE)

Take the data of the


and the


How to enter the missing translation :
- call transaction SE63
- choose Translation > ABAP Objects > Short Texts

- in the dialog box choose (by double click) the line OT OTR

- in the following screen enter in the field "object name" the package

name and (from place 30) the concept of the text or just copy and

paste the below lines starting from /ccm/...

- this below line is for the text "vorgemerkte kategorien und positionen"


- enter source and target language as "german (DE)" and "english(EN)"

and click on the EDIT button.

- In the following screen you can enter the English translation and save it.

- After doing this just refresh the OTR buffer by executing the

transaction /$otr

- After following the above steps you should be able to see the English

translation of the buttons.

I hope this helps to resolve this issue for you.


José Luis D.

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That's sorted my problem.



Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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