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Fiori My Inbox - How to open SRM Shopping Cart for Approval from My Inbox open task


Hello Colleagues,

I have a Fiori My Inbox Application on a Fiori Hub system showing SRM Shopping Cart Approvals. In SWFVISU I have configured to open the SRM Lean Inbox when pressing "Open Task" in My Inbox. The task is TS14508044 in SAP SRM.

This works fine so far.

Now the requirement has changed and the Shopping Cart Approval for the workitems shopping cart should be opened directly. In SAP Enterprise Portal UWL Configuration this worked via this UWL configuration:

The property ObjectValue is: a=b&sapsrm_botype=BUS2121&System=${item.systemId}&sapsrm_wiid=${item.externalId}&sapsrm_mode=APPROVAL&sapsrm_portalbaseurl=<Portal.BaseURL>&sapsrm_pcdlocation=<IView.ID>

Could anybody give me a hint how to configure SWFVISU to open the Shopping Cart of this workitem from Fiori My Inbox open task?

Many thanks for any support.

Best regards


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Is there really nobody out there to give a hint for this problem?

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To the my inbox open task, please use visualization type "INBOX_GEN - My inbox generic application".

For more details about the URL generation read:

and blog:

(summary table at the end)

Please also make sure that SWFVMD1 and SWFVISU settings are synced. Task Gateway service reads SWFVMD1 settings first and if those are not exist will read SWFVISU.

Best Regards


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