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Filtering R/3 Material Groups and Material Types

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I am trying to filter the Material groups and material types during master data upload from R/3 to SRM 4.0

I am tried doing the following:

1. In Txn R2AR2, i set up the request for DNL_CUST_PROD1 for MARA-MATKL(Material Group) & MARA-MTART(Material Type)and then run the Txn R3AR4 with DNL_CUST_PROD1. The replication was successful, but it pulled in all the R/3 backend material groups and material types.

Now i deleted the replicated material types and Material groups in SRM using SRM Std reports and this too was successful.

2. Now i tried another method - In Txn R3AC3, i selected the Object DNL_CUST_PROD1 and i added table MARA and set up the filter requirements for MARA-MTART(Material Types) and MARA-MATKL(Material Groups), i synchronized the filters and then when i selected the object DNL_CUST_PROD1 in Txn R3AS for initial upload, even this is pulling in all the material types and material groups from R/3 without filtering

Can anyone please let me know the exact procedure to filter out the R/3 Material types and material groups during initial upload of this data into SRM 4.0


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Before starting the INitial load for MATERIAL,for filetr settings ,Go in tcode R3AC1.

There select the Object name as MATERIAL and click on the "filter settings" tab.


Enter the relevant filter criteria:

e.g. If you wnat to filter on Material type(MARA-MTART):

The input will be as follows:

Table /Structure :MARA

Field :MTART

OP :EQ Equality (= Low)

Low: "Material type name"

Incl/EXcl: Inclusive defined

And then click on the button "FILTER SYNC".

The filter settings are complete for the Material download.




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Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi Disha,

I wanted to have only one Material Type HIBE in my RPRODSTYP Hierarchy and about 17 Material groups in R3MATCLASS in SRM

So what i mean is when i upload DNL_CUST_PROD1, the upload should result in creating R3MATCLASS and R3PRODSTYP in Hierarchies (COMM_HIERARCHY Txn)and the values under wach of tne Hierarchies nfrom Backend should be as above

Please let me know

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In ur filter settings,just mention the Material type HIBE.

Then when you succesfully download the object DNL_CUST_PROD0/1,their will be 2 hierarchies created under HIERARCHIES in tcode COMM_HIERARCHY..i.e.

R3MATCLASS(Material group)

R3PRODSTYP(Product Subtype)

Now under R3MATCLASS you will have 2 subnodes R3MATCLASS###(for R/3) and R3MATCLASS(For SRM-local).

Under the node for R/3,you will have the Materila gropus for the material type HIBE(i suppose 17 of them)..




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