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Export csv file from E-Sourcing(hosted) through FTP

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Hi Experts,

I have a requirement to create a custom query and generate a report through schedule Task and place the CSV file in a specified path and I would like the file to be picked up by FTP. We are using E-Sourcing Hosted by SAP. I would like to create a new folder in thd OS level so that I can store the file to be exported.

My questions are 1. Do I need to contact SAP for the folder creation and FTP access details or something that we can do.

Thanks in advance


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Hi Suresh,

Yes, you would have to contact SAP to have the directory created.

If ftp is configured on the same server ( I doubt this is the case) and if you are writing the export file directly to ftp directory you may be ok, or else, you still have the issue of moving the export file to ftp.

Are you on an OnDemand system? If so, depending on the OnDemand package, this requirement may or may not be possible.