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Excel Upload is not working from SRM frontend UI NWBC

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There is backend ABAP report in SRM system.

there is file upload functionailty where the program reads file contents into internal table

this was not working for excel, as SRM doesnt have std function modules for excel upload

so we copied the excel upload function module from ECC - ALSM_EXCEL_TO_INTERNAL_TABLE and its working now

but when we access this report from frontend, the excel upload functionlity is not working

we added the report in backend Role of the user to bring it up on NWBC (

if its a normal report without upload functionality, it works fine from frontend.

for this report, after we give the file path and execute, it gives a message 'large information available on clipboard'

the excel data gets copied in clipboard, instead of passing to the ABAP runtime data for the program

what should be done for the excel upload ?

creating webdynpro application will help or should we consult SAP?



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Hi Bhatki,

how big is your excel file?

If you start upload via GUI - it's a direkt transfer to service. If you make the same via ITS - you have a limit for a Upload size on your ITS.

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excel upload is working. with same setting told by Stephan. there was only authorisation issue, after which it worked