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Error "Updating could not be completed" while PO creation/transfer

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Hello Experts,

We have a scenario for Call Off PO in SRM that, PO is getting created and Ordered automatically after Shopping cart approval. Here if I takes 20 to 25 items in shopping cart that time everything is working fine. PO is getting created and ordered correctly.

But If I have more that 25 items in Shopping cart that time PO goes in Error. I have debugged the same & found that while transfer to Back-end system in FM: B46B_DPO_TRANSFER throws an error: "Updating could not be completed".

Actually this error is coming while Commiting the BAPI (BAPI_TRANSACTION_COMMIT). Could you please anyone tell me why this error is coming & what would be the solution?



Keyur Pawar

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I rather doubt this can be answered on SCN, certainly not with the information given. You haven't shared the message class or number but based on poor grammar I bet it's a custom message anyway. If commit fails then obviously there is something wrong with the data or with the database. The latter would be rather rare, so I'm guessing it's a data + bad programming combination.

You've already done some debugging, so why not check further what is happening before the commit? Obviously there is a custom program involved (based on odd message and BAPI call), so I'm really not sure what you're expecting from the global community here. Review the program and data in your system and fix it.

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Hi Jelena,

This is a standard error: S&(150).

There is no custom program involved. I'm facing this error while transferring PO to back-end if it has so many items (>25). For less number of items everything is working fine.