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Error in budget check

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Hi everyone,

I need your help. I'm working with SRM5.5 SP 13 in ECS.

I have the following issue:

1. We have a SC with a cost assignment defined to a Budget (Fund u201CAu201D ) .This budget is very small.

2. In BBPSOCO01, the contract is assigned with a price higher than the budget u201CAu201D.

3. The PO is created and ordered.

4. Normally, the PO gets the status u201CError in processu201D because the budget is very small. In RZ20 appears a message like this "Item 001 0613 /2101 E096.2400 payment budget exceeded" and the PO is not copy to R/3.

5. We go to the Account Assignment of the item in order to distribute the cost with other budget (Fund u201CBu201D ). This budget B has a lot money.

6. The PO is ordered.

7. However, the PO still has the u201CError in Processu201D status, in RZ20 appears the same message in step 4 "Item 001 0613 /2101 E096.2400 payment budget exceeded" and the PO is not copy to R/3.

It seems that SRM tries to send the same information. We applied the notes:

1362593 - Deleted account assignment considered for budget check

1250606 - Budget exceeded errors incorrectly raised

But, the issue is not solve. Do you know any way to solve this issue?



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I don't thing SRM retriggers the account assignment unless you change the account assignment category. E.g. change it from cost center to wbs and then back. We had to use the Change Badi in order to trigger an update i ECC when just changing the account assignment value e.g. from cost center A to cost center B.

We are having problems with the error message sent from ECC when budget i exceeded. When we create a PO and exceeds the budget no error messaged are being prompted to the user. We can only see that it gets the status "error in process". But when changing the PO a second time (still exceeding the budget) the error message is getting prompted.

Have you had the same problem?