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Error creating Purchase Order

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Hi Gurus,

I've this issue. I'm using SRM 5.0.

I've configured a product category mentioning it needs to go to sourcing only when the vendor is not mentioned. Otherwise it should bypass sourcing and after the last approval the PO has to be created in backend automatically. We are using Classic Scenario. Now i've this issue. When I create a shopping cart without vendor it goes to sourcing cockpit and from there when I fill the vendor information and create purchase order, purchase order gets created in backend. BUT when I provide vendor information in the shopping cart and Order it after all approvals, it doesn't create PO in backend. Instead I see an error in the error logs of Shopping cart mentioning.

<b>"Shopping cart 0040000365: Error creating the follow-on document"


I see this under <b> Application Monitors > Shopping cart > Local Errors </b>

Could someone please help me if there knows the solution for this or any note available for this.


Sam K

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Answers (2)

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Hi Sam,

Check your settings for when Sourcing is carried out. I assume you have setting in

place always external procurement for every product category in place, why every

SC goes to sourcing cockpit. Adjust that setting. You need to work with product

categories to seperate things out or implement BADI for sorting out to individual

needs. In parallel check the settings for the doc type, number range and the follow

on doc to be created from SC.



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Try going to tx RZ20 and then see if any further details are shown.

The path once in RZ20 is SAP EnterpriseBuyer Monitors -> Purchase Order

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there isn't any specific errors over there for this cart.

But in application monitors > shopping cart > local errors ... I see this message

<b>Shopping cart 0040000849: Error creating the follow-on document </b>

but there isn't any more explanation about this error.


Sam K