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Enable multiple PO numberranges to support SRM Classic implementation.

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Hi Experts,

We have implemented SRM 7.0 Classic Implimentation.

We currently have one PO number range which is assigned to one PO document type to support North America and Canada region.

We are planning to go for roll-out for Latin America, Europe and Asia pacific.

Here the client requirement is that they need to have one PO numberrange per Company.

Can any one suggest what ios the BADI that can be used to achieve this. Backend ECC we can have as many PO document type but how can this be managed in SRM.

Thanks in advance please help me with BADI or any other means this can be achieved.



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Hi Sanjeev,

We have tested by updating the code in the BADI "BBP_DOC_CHANGE". We still could not able to achieve this the reason is on Approval of the SC the BADI is getting called and the information such as backend object id is empty and we could not see what is the PO number bean proposed on approval of catalog SC.

The fields be_doc_type and be_object_id to change is empty when the BADI is called on complete approval of the SC and hence we could not able to use this BADI. Can you propose any other option or when this information such as fields be_doc_type and be_object_id to change will be proposed by SRM.



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Hi Karthik,

This could have been simpler solution if it worked.

Another suggestion: Try creating a dummy logical system and create an RFC to the same backend system. Using badi bbp_determine_logsys you can change the target logical system to this dummy logical system. Based on this dummy logical system, you can determine new number ranges through customizing. Also you can maintain new document type in attribute BSA for this logical system.

You would also need to point the plant, vendor, company code, purchasing groups etc. point to this logical system so that system can take all the values. Then it should work.



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Try BADI BBP_BS_GROUP_BE and in that use method GET_NUMBER_OR_RANGE to determine separate number ranges for PO. bBasically you need to first group POs ,for each co. code or what ever logic you have, and then assign number ranges for each group.

Hope this will help you.