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Electronic Invoice Rounding Rules

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We provide electronic invoices via our SAP system to our customers on the ARIBA Network. My issue is that we provide unit prices to 3-decimal places which can be due to line-level discount or very small parts sold in bags of 1000 for example. Our SAP system rounds the sub-total (line price) automatically to two decimal places. The problem is that our Customer is doing an auto-validate as well and happens to round the other way causing a mathematical error and a rejection of the invoice. This happens commonly when there is a 5 involved so a sub-total which would be 84.495 becomes 84.49 on our system and the customer expects 84.50. Is it possible in SAP to change the rounding rule on a customer by customer basis rather than globally? This is the only solution I can come up with at the moment - suggestions welcome.

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Would you please clarify the SAP system and customer system?

Is customer Ariba network system?

What is SAP system? Is it a ERP system? How do you create the invoice?