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Effect of GL account change on Shopping carts and POs

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Dear SRMers,

System Info : SRM 5.0, ECC 6.0

Our client is planning to change the GL account numbers in the COA from 21XX series to a 31XX series.

So I wanted to know the impact on a.) the Shopping carts in approval process using the old GLs and b.) for the POs that are already created using the old GL's.

Can we change the GLs for Shopping carts in approval process and for PO's already created or what may be the best approach to resolve the issue.

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Thanks in advance,


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Answers (2)

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Hi Bob,

Error messages will be issued in SC and PO as well .

You will have to change some configuration point such as "determine G/l account by prcat"

Else, if the approver does have the authorization to change the SC (PFCG authority level), he will have the availability to change the G/L account .

Kind regards,


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Hi RamaKrishna and Yann,

Thank you very much for the information.

Best Regards,


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Hi Bob,

1. For the P.Os which are already closed and settlement made there is no issue.

2. The P.Os for which no confirmation is made, you can change the cost assignment using Process P.Os (change P.O)

3. The P.Os which are partially confirmed needs to be closed before implementing such a change. This is where the effect of the change shows.

You can either implement the change after completing P.Os or can mark the partially confirmed P.Os as complete and create new P.Os for the remaining qtys with new account assignment.

4. For Shopping carts under approval, you can always reject those shopping carts and can make necessary changes and can again resend for approval.

Hope this makes you clear. Clarifications are welcome.

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