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Editing PO

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Hi Gurus

i am facing an issue while editing the PO. the system is allowing to edit the product category , however when the system is throwing an error the contract does not match . when i am changing the contract the item type in the overview tab is getting blank and the item type in the item level is getting changed to SERVICE automatically from MATERIAL. and the item field type is not editable to change back to MATERIAL.

can you please help me to get this issue fixed.



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Hi Imre

Open an Ordered PO for editing - Edit PO by changing a product category of first line item - system throws error to change the contract - when adding the right contract for the first line item- issue occurs in overview - the item type is blank at overview .Then while checking at item level , the item type has changed to service from material and not able to change it back because it is greyed out.