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EDITING PO during approval

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We are on SRm 7.1 ECS>

We have implemented PCW for PO approval.We have created the APPRAL TASK as COMPLETION task so all approvers cna edit the PO during approval.

Now reqt is to show the EDIT button only for some approvers.CAN we implement this using roles or is there any setting/config on tyhe workflow to achieve this?

Another reqt is to chnage the subject line for the work item sent to approvers for approving.Currently since the COMPLETION TASK is assigned as the APPROVAL task,the subject line says "COMPLETE PO XXXXX".WE want to change this to "APPROVE PO XXXX".

PLease advise.

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For your second question: you can edit the task description at PFTC.



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Hi Melina,

Can you tell me the TASK which needs to be modified for the PO subject line.

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Ans. to first question:

EDIT Button: Enable/Disable EDIT Button in Workitem completion.

Go to SPRO->SAP SRM->SRM Server->Cross Application Basic Settings->Extensions and Field control ->Control Actions->Configure control of Actions on header Level.

Define an entry for EDIT if it is not there and Dyn Class and method.


in the Dyn Class and method you can write the below Code.

  DATA lr_sc_adv  TYPE REF TO /sapsrm/cl_pdo_bo_sc_adv.

 lr_sc_adv ?= /sapsrm/cl_pdo_factory_sc_adv=>get_buffered_instance( ls_header-guid ).

    CHECK: lr_sc_adv IS BOUND, lr_sc_adv->/sapsrm/if_pdo_adv_base~get_adv_mode( ) = 'APPROVAL'.

    cs_metadata-action_enabled =  ' '.  " Disable/enable 

Check Out Note: SAP Note 1277921 - AllowDisallow to edit fields for approver & reviewer.pdf

Ans. to Second question:

Check out this Note [Note 1567596 - Modification of Notification texts|]