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E-Sourcing pre installation procedure

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I am trying to verify all the pre installation procedure for an E-Sourcing installation but not able to do the following one:

Task 3: Configure JMS

Configure JMS as follows:

1 Launch Visual Administrator using the standard procedures for your operating system.

For example, for Windows, navigate to C:\usr\sap\FC0\JC00\j2ee\admin and launch go.bat.

2 Navigate to Server --> Services --> JMS provider.

3 Navigate to FCO\<server>\Services\JMS Provider.

4 Click the Connection Factories tab and set up the connection factories. Select

QueueConnectionFactory under Factory Type and click Create. You must resize the window

to see the creation results.

5 Repeat for all connection factories.

■ fs.common.QueueConnectionFactory

■ fs.optimization.QueueConnectionFactory

When I start the Visual Admin, I can see the link: Server-> Services > JMS Provider but not the item 3) FCO>Server>Services>JMS Provider.

And under the Server-> Services --> JMS Provider, when I click on the Connection Factories tab as asked on item 4) I don't see anything under Factory Type. It is empty.

Please can someone help ? It is an existent java installation on Solaris SPARC under NW7 SP 18.

Thanks in advance,


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Answers (1)

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Sorry, I was having an issue with Exceed and then now I can see all of the connections. Thanks.