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Doubts about BP number in SRM and SUS

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Hello everyone,

I have some doubts about the BP number, especially for Vendors.

I am working with the implementation of SRM 5.0 with SUS in an extended classic scenario. We will use one server for SRM and other for SUS. We will use the self registration for vendor (in SUS). My questions are:

- Can I have the same BP number in SRM and SUS?? Or is it going to be different??

- When a vendor accesses at the site to make a self registration in SUS, the information is sent to SRM as prospect (by XI) and there the prospect is changed as vendor? After that, is it necessary to send something from SRM to SUS again? (to change the prospect to vendor)

- When is it necessary to replicate vendors from SRM to SUS??



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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello khan,

I am confused in this process and the configuration. I need your help to clarify my mind. Let me sum up again:

Step 1) A prospect is created. This action takes place in the service "ros_self_reg"and creates a BP number for the prospect (SUS BP number "1") in SUS (Server "A", Client "100").

Step 2) The purchaser approves the prospect. This action takes place in EBP (Server "B", Client "200") in "Supplier Screening". To do this it is needed in EBP to update the role SAP_BBP_STAL_STRAT_PURCHASER and change the original URL in "Supplier Screening" for the URL using in SUS. Is it needed to have the same user (purchaser) in both systems (EBP and SUS)??

Step 3) When the prospector is approved, the administrator transfers the data from SUS to EBP in transaction BBPMAININT. This action takes place in EBP and creates a BP vendor with a new number (EBP BP number "1000"). To do this is needed in EBP:

- To define "Supplier Screening" as External Web Service. How can I see this external web service??

- To adjust the field CAT in PPOMA_BBP (for the purchaser).

Step 4) When the administrator is changing the prospect into a vendor, he can check the "Portal vendor" flag , with this action the vendor is replicated in SUS automatically, however, if he do not check the "portal vendor" flag, the vendor can be replicated in transaction BBP_SP_SUPP_INI (both by XI) . In both cases, a new BP number is created in SUS as vendor (SUS BP number "2").

Please, tell me if it is correct or not or if I am missing something.

And other thing, table BBP_MARKETP_INFO is maintaining in IMG path:

SAP Implementation Guide>Supplier Relationship Management>Supplier Self-Services>Master Data>Make Settings for Business Partners

or why in SM30??



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1) correct

2) URL NEEDS to be changed only in EBP system ..supplier screening happens here.

no changes are required in SUS system.

3) yes , the user should have the name of catalog for attribute CAT in ppoma_bbp.

4) correct.

BBP_MARKETP_INFO details are to be entered in transaction SM30 and not in SPRO.

this has been menitoned in documentation also , but i am not sure why SAP wants the data to be maintained in SM30 transction..

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Dear Ivan,

Here is answer to all your questions. Follow these steps for ROS configuration:

Pls note:

1. No need to have seperate clients for ROS and SUS. Create two clients for EBP and (SUS+ROS).

2. No need of XI to transfer new registered vendor from ROS to EBP

Steps to configure scenario:

1. Make entries in SPRO --> "Define backend system" on both clients.

You will ahev specify logical systems of both the clients (ROS as well as EBP)

2. Create RFCs on both clients to communicate with each other

3. In ROS client create Service User for supplier registration service with roles:



Grant u201CS_A.SCONu201D profile to the user.

4. Maintain service user in u201CLogon Datau201D tab of service : ros_self_reg in ROS client

5. Create Purchasing and vendor Organizational Structure in EBP client and maintain necessary

attributes. create vendor org structure in ROS client

6. Create your ROS registration questionnaires and assign to product categories- in ROS client

7. To transfer suppliers from registration system to EBP/Bidding system, Supplier pre-screening has to be

defined as supplier directory in SRM server - EBP client.

Maintain your prescreen catalog in IMG --> Supplier Relationship Management u2192 SRM Server u2192

Master Data u2192 Define External Web Services (Catalogs, Vendor Lists etc.)

8. Maintain this catalog Id in purchasing org structure under attribure "CAT" - in EBP client

9. Modify purchaser role in EBP client:

Open node for u201CROS_PRESCREENu201D and maintain parameter "sap-client" and ROS client number

10.Maintain organizational data in make settings for business partner

Supplier Relationship Management -> Supplier Self-Services -> Master Data -> Make Settings for the Business Partners. This information is actually getting getting stored in table BBP_MARKETP_INFO.

11. Using manage Business partner node with purchasers login (BBPMAININT), newly registsred vendors are pulled from Pre-screen catalog and BP is created in EBP client. If you you have SUS scenario, ensure to maintain "portal vendor" role here.

I hope this clarifies all your doubts.

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Answers (5)

Answers (5)

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Thanks Prashant


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Hi Prashant,

Thanks a lot. I stated to configure, but a have a problem.

In step 9, I couldnu2019t use parameter "sap-client" because I am not only have a different client, also I have a different server, for example, the original URL for ROS_PRESCREEN in EBP is: http://SRM/ROS_PRESCREEN, when I used parameter sap-client = 150 the URL is: http://SRM/ROS_PRESCREEN?sap-client=150, however the correct ones must be http://SUS/ROS_PRESCREEN?sap-client=150. How can I change that??

In step 10, this configuration is in EBP or SUS??

In step 11, in transaction BBPMAININT, how can I see Pre-screen catalog? I have to create a new one vendor (first option) or I have to convert it (fifth option)??



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Hi Ivan,

For step 9, you will have to user some other parameters as well which will capture values for host name, port, etc. pls consult to the basis admin for parameter details.

Step 10 is for EBP client

Step 11:

a. from menu screen suppliers, accept the vendor

b. from manage business partnr menu, you search for accepted vendors. User 5th option "Business partner from list" "as". Select your prescreen catalog name. this will have list of all accepted vendors. Then select your vendor and click on transfer

c. this will tke you to manage organizational data screen. maintain all the details gfor this vendors and save



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Hello Dinesh and Khan, you are giving me very helpful information. I need clarified something more.

1. We defined a client (server) for SRM and other client (server) for SUS where self registration is going to take place, so in this case ROS is going to be on SUS also.

Dinesh, you say that I can have 3 clients? One for SRM, one for SUS and other one for ROS??

2. In this point I am lost. Could you explain more please?

3. Where I can maintain the table BBP_MARKETP_INFO?? How I define the external web service?? This configuration is in SRM or SUS??

4. Khan, I need a special step or configuration to replicate automatically??



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1) i have never seen three client scenario , mostly used option

is two client scenario.

(SUS and ROS) in one client and EBP in one client.

2) please see the following help file for details

3) this you can maintain transaction SM30 --> and should be maintained on EBP system.

4) there is nothing extra you need to do , all the systems should be in PLACE



3) SUS client..

all the configuration related wo XI should be done --> and the XI message flow should happen from one system to another..

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Hi Dinesh,

I think your last explanation sum up all my doubts. Let me understand:

1- When a prospect is created, it is assigned with a BP number in SUS (a ROS BP) , for example "1".

2- The EBP purchaser can accept or reject the prospect with BP number "1". It is been done in SRM, isn't it? So, is it necessary use XI or something special?

3. When a prospect is accepted, administrator transfers the ROS BP (data) from SUS to SRM as a new BP (vendor) with a new number for SRM, for example "1000". Is that done by XI or just in the transaction (BBPMAINTINT)??

4. After that, the new Vendor BP (data) in SRM is to transferred to SUS (transaction BBP_SP_SUPP_INI) as a new Vendor BP with a new number, for example "2".

Is it correct?



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1. If you are using single client for ROS & SUS functionality then yes

But SAP doesn't recommend this for security reasons.

If you are using seperate clients for ROS & SUS then first BP will be created on ROS.

2. Yes it is done in EBP(SRM) via role mapping.

i.e the role SAP_BBP_STAL_OPERAT_PURCHASER of EBP will be mapped to that of ROS client

via menu=screen suppliers....parameter=ROS client value

purchaser should be assigned to same role in ROS client also.

XI is not reqd for this.

3. no XI


provided you have correctly defined the external web service for ROS

and table BBP_MARKETP_INFO is correctly maintained

4. Yes.



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in addition to answers given by --> dinesh.

There is one point i would like to mention --> this is for your question 4

4 ) BBP_SP_SUPP_INI is not mandatory , it has to be used only for the vendors for whom the flag ' portal vendor' is not set.

so effectively this transaction is to be used for already exisiting vendors which you want to to use for SUS.

when you have used the flag 'portal vendor' when you have initially created the vendor --> then the transaction -->

BBP_SP_SUPP_INI is not required.... --> in this case the vendor will be replicated automatically as soon as the flag 'portal vendor' is set...

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The following threads would be helpful to you:

For supplier registration,

Once the web survey is submitted by the prospect a ROS BP will be created

EBP Purchaser can screen this prospect and accept and reject this ROS BP

then administrator will go to "manage business partner" in EBP

and transfer this accepted ROS BP to EBP vendor root org

via the link "Business partner from list"

(this will actually use the external web service maintained for ROS)

So an external BP(vendor) for EBP is created

then this BP is to be transferred to SUS to created SUS BP