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Directory on server of contract documents (.docx and .pdf) files?

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Hi experts!

I'm trying to locate the directory on the server where the CLM software stores the contract document files (the .docx and .pdf generated files for contract documents).

Is there a default directory for these files to go? (For instance: F:/clm/contract_documents).

Thanks a lot in advance!

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Oscar,

Generated contract document files will not be stored in directory, they will be stored in database.

Refer below link



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Thanks Raj!

This helps a lot.

Do you happen to know in which table could I find these blob fields? If not, don't worry I will look for them now that I know that they are located inside the database.

Thanks a lot!!

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The FCI_ATTACHMENT_BLOB table contains the blobs in the FILE_DATA column.

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