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direct material button

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Hi experts

about this paragraph how i can select/activate order as direct material button , i can not select this button


When the product is added to the Shopping Cart, go to the details of the

Shopping Cart to change the cart from a MRO order to a Direct Order. To

accomplish this, select the Order as direct material button.

The Account Assignment and Availability tabs will disappear since the

product is now being ordered as a direct material



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Elham,

To enable this button, it will call the following method:

And in this method, it called FM BBP_DP_PRODUCT_CHECK to check if this
product in the PO can be ordered as direct material.
* As long as we order a material and the exec system of the PO is not
* our own system it can be ordered as direct material
IF lv_product_type EQ c_ptype_material AND
      ls_product-logsys NE lv_own_logsys.
       MOVE c_on TO ev_dp_possible.
For the coding above, it will check two conditions to enable this
For your PO, you have to check the product in it with table comm_product. If the logsys for the product is local system, then the indicator will be disabled.

Best regards,


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