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I am unable to debug my shopping cart BAdi implementation.

i did made to my break-point work but it doesn't work.


i went SICF , in that t.code i found the Object name is bbpsc01, i double click on it , one pop-up window open, there is button called settings in that pop-up window, i clicked that button, then one more pop-up window appear where i enter the PARAMETER NAME IS ~GENERATEDYNPRO value 1.

now i went my BAdi implemetation where i Click STOP button appear in the right of the top.

now i went to create SC, but HTTP break-point won't work.

kindly let me which i did was correct or not?</b>



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Hi Durai,

After the setting in SICF, did you do setting in SE80.

check that.

1. Go to SE80.

2. Click on top menu utilities->settings.

3. Click on ABAP Editor Tab.

4. Click on Debugging Tab.

4. Flag Actv check box for EBP User you want to debug.

5. Select radio button classic Debugger.

6. Finaly login as EBP User in SAPGUI and put a HTTP Breakpoint Session in the code for the EBP User you want debug thru ITS.

It should stop there if you follows these exactly.

Good Luck.



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What ever u said , i done. but when i create new SC in the web browser, nothing will trigger.

please help me out.

and more doubt . timing i hard code my approval agent.

say for example

<b> if Str_item-category_id = 'XXXX'.

ist_approver-APPROVAL_AGENT = 'APPROVAL1'.

the work item should send APPROVAL1.

i got only who is the approval(APPROVAL1). i don't know what are thing i need to pass to fill the EXPORT PARAMETER as APPROVAL_TABLE.

to fill the APPROVAL_TABLE. what are the mantory fields i need to pass.</b>

i hope you understand my doubt. please jay help me.




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Hi Durai,

Are you sure your BADI implementation is activated ?

You should get the debuger working if you:

1. Set an external HTTP break point in the BADI

2. In the service file of the ITS service you use set the parameter ~generatedynpro to 1 (in SE80 if you use external ITS, in SICF for internal ITS). For SC creation put it in the bbpstart, bbpsc01, 02 & 03 services (if you use external ITS, bbpglobal will be sufficient).

For your concern about the BADI coding, you must populate table APPROVAL_TABLE, you'll find the BADI mandatory fields in the IMG documentaion attached to the customizing point.



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Thank you,

<b>my BAdi got active, but still i am unable to view debug mode.

Can you please give me brief coding for APPROVAL_TABLE and ITEM_APPROVAL_TABLE.

Please man this is very urgent. if you already done please give me the sample coding .</b>