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customization transport Sourcing CLM 9.0 DEV to PRD

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Hello experts, good afternoon!

I'm implementing CLM 9.0 and I wonder if all the customization that I'm making in DEV if it can be imported to PRD...

Because I was told that everything I create or develop regarding the customization, I'm not able to carry them out to

production, I have to create everything again, is this information right?

Can someone help me? If so, what is the method for transportation?

I appreciate the understanding and the attention of all.

Best Regards,

David Medeiros

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Former Member
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Hi David,

There is documentation about this available in the blogs section. You can search there for more info.

For starters you can have a look at this blog by VIkram.



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Hi Devesh,

Thanks for your help!

I going checked this information and soon return with more news.

Best Regards,