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Currency issue in Local PO in SRM ( SRM 4.0, Ext. Classic scenario)

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Hello SRM community,

There is contract exist at a Product category level which is created in currency Euro & can be used by both local as well as well global purchasing org. for subsequent PO releases( Call off).

We are using extended classic scenario, SRM 4.0. before explaining the scenario, here is what we have maintain for a vendor in BBPMAININT

Let say..

Vendor(Business Partner) Purchasing org. Currency

100168 Global Purchasing org. Euro

100168 Local Purchasing Org SEK

Now there are two scenarios in this

Scenario No.1

When Strategic purchaser directly creates any purchase order release for Local purchasing org. with reference to above created contract

& if he chooses Euro as a currency, system throws a warning message as "Currency Euro in Purchase order is different then the PO currency SEK of vendor.

but still he manage to order the PO Euro.

Scenario No.2

If strategic purchaser creates shopping cart for local purchasing org. where S/C currency is Euro & assign above contract as a source of supply.

Local PO gets created but the system swaps the currency in PO automatically to SEK which is nothing but the currency available for Vendor/Pur. Org combination


Why there is this difference in behaviour.

I mean, when you directly creates a PO release wrt contract, system allows you to select currency other then the one maintain in BBPMAININT for Vendor/PUr.Org combination however if you try to create a SC for Local pur. org with contract as a valid source of supply then system overrides the SC currency with the currency maintain in the BBPMAININT for Vendor/PUr.Org combination

We would like to know if there is any way possible by which we can maintain SC currency in PO & should not allow system to

swap it with what is being maintain in Vendor/Pur.Org combination in BBPMAININT.-

is there any Badi available where we can change this behaviour..& if poosible a way of approach to do it through Badi....

Any help is well appreciated with full rewards to valuable suggesation.


Bharat Morajkar

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Hi Bharat,

You can use the BADI <b>BBP_DOC_CHANGE_BADI</b> to make changes to the document, after user entry and before saving the document to the database.

BBP_SC_CHANGE method can be used for changing shopping carts.

Hope this works in your case. Try it and let me know.



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Hello Ramkrishna,

Thanks for your reply but here the question is not of changing SC but our concern is to allow the same SC currency to move in PO rather then allowing system to swap it with currecy from BBPMAININT from vendor/ combination.

I hope i made my point clear here..


Bharat Morajkar