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Create Limit Items using Catalog

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Hi Experts,

Can anyone advice how to create limit items using Catalogs.

I tried to change the catalog data in BADI BBP_CATALOG_TRANSFER, it results error "Interface data contains error".

Please let me know what are key fields to be changed in the BADI to create limit item.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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we wanted to do this but found that it was not possible, i.e. you cannot put limit items into a catalog.

In our business the Procurement dept wanted to control the vendors that can be used for a product category in a limit order by Purch Org and even in some cases right down to Purch grp.

We have a Z table that allows Procurement to configure this.

ZFREEVEND table has fields for

Purch org - mandatory

Purch Grp - Can be blank in which case all Groups in the purch Org can use the record

Product Category - we use UNSPSC codes

Vendor Number - FMS/SRM supplier number

Product Category Description - For reference

Vendor Name - again for reference

Our Procurement Department can maintain this table using a Z transaction in the SRM GUI

If a shopper raises a Limit Order and enters values that correspond to a table entry the Shopping cart item is processed the same as a catalog item and the cart goes for approval, as per standard workflow.

If they enter a value that is not in the table they receive an error message and cannot complete the limit order screen unless they remove the supplier from the screen. Carts without a supplier for the limit item are treated as free text items, (sometimes called describe requirement), and the cart is sent to an operational purchaser for processing.

The check and error message is performed using the DOC_CHECK_BADI and although I am functional, not ABAP, I am told the code is quite trivial.

Hope this assists you


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